[A]NTI [PO]LLUTION [COS]METICS アンチポリューションコスメ





※1 メイクアップ効果による
※2 紫外線吸収剤・タール系色素・鉱物油・パラベン・動物由来原料・サルフェート・DEA・合成香料・タルク・シリコーン・石油系界面活性剤
※3 コメ粉(保湿成分)

A gentle lucent face powder leads to no dullness, pore-free skin while protecting the skin from external factors

Face powder with a special moisturizing ingredient.
Glossy powder protects and cares in multiple ways.

Keeps non-dry , shiny and no dullness skin.
Fine pearl & lame powder makes the skin's worrisome parts less noticeable and makes translucent skin less prone to pores * 1

Eleven free prescriptions * 2 gently blend into the skin.

* 1 Depending on makeup effect
* 2 UV absorbers, tar dyes, mineral oils, parabens, animal-derived ingredients, sulfates, DEA, synthetic fragrances, talc, silicones, petroleum surfactants
* 3 Rice flour (moisturizing ingredient)

●Keep your skin beautiful impression while protecting your skin from environmental factors.

●It blends into your skin with a light and smooth touch like silk.

●Soft focus effect ※makes the skin‘s worrisome parts inconspicuous and makes the skin looks smooth by hiding the pores.

●Tone up effect ※brings natural luster and produces the transparent skin.

●Formulated with a special moisturizing ingredient that prevents cosmetic breakup and leads to smooth skin like ceramics.

※ Depends on makeup effect


A new generation of face powder that protects the skin from external stress

アポコス AP ジェントル ルーセント パウダー 9gのイメージ

アポコス AP ジェントル ルーセント パウダー 9g

APOCOS Gentle Lucent Powder 9g

アポコス AP ジェントル ルーセント パウダー

APOCOS AP Gentle Lucent Powder

6000 JPY + tax


Face powder with a special moisturizing ingredient. Glossy powder protects and cares in multiple ways.
Keeps non-dry , shiny and no dullness skin.



Take an appropriate amount of the included puff, apply it to the entire face so that it is lightly applied to the skin, and then slide the puff on to make sure it is applied.

  • 5 organic ingredients that moisturize and gloss your skin

  • バオバブ種子油

    Organic Certified Components 1

    Baobab seed oil

  • ホホバ種子油

    Organic Certified Components 2

    Jojoba seed oil

  • アルガニアスピノサ核油

    Organic Certified Components 3

    Argania spinosa kernel oil

  • キュウリ果実エキス

    Organic Certified Components 4

    Cucumber fruit extract

  • ローズマリー葉エキス

    Organic Certified Components 5

    Rosemary leaf extract

  • リンゴ果実培養細胞エキス

    Ingredients that moisturize the skin

    Apple fruit cultured cell extract

    全成分/ Ingredients


    Mica, silica, jojoba seed oil, Arganian spinosa kernel oil, safflower oil, coconut oil, meadowfoam oil, pulkenetia borubilis seed oil, baobab seed oil, himekoji leaf extract, ogon root extract, comfrey leaf extract, rose Mary Leaf Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Na Hyaluronic Acid, Apple Fruit Cultured Cell Extract, Rice Flour, Alteromonas Fermented Extract, Cerium Oxide, Xanthophyll, Platinum, Water, Lecithin, Glycerin, BG, Ethanol, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol,Titanium oxide and iron oxide